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Accelerate Your Analytics

Fastest ROI on your cloud and Big Data investments

Data That
Works smarter

See greater returns on the data and cloud investments you make. 


Reduce the time it takes from data integration to business value creation through analytics use cases.  

Rapid Use Case implementation

We specialize in partnering with business managers to define and implement analytics use cases to put your data into action

Broad industry experience

We have deep knowledge of analyzing data in multiple industries including life sciences, healthcare, and banking.

Data Science Acceleration

Build a top-notch team of expert data scientists  to truly  understand underlying factors affecting performance, and develop custom analytical frameworks for descriptive and predictive analytics.

Cloud & Platform expertise 

We are experts in all the latest cloud and data management platforms, including AWS, Azure, Palantir, Snowflake and Data Bricks.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Cumulative Experience

1 TB+

of data analyzed and counting


Dollars saved 


Countries where Use Cases are adopted



person standing on round yellow painted surface_edited_edited.jpg

Step into actionable

More than half of the CIOs and Data Transformation Leaders say that they would like to see faster returns on their Big Data and Cloud investments.


Most organizations make the mistake of either boiling the ocean without showing what good looks like to key internal stakeholders, or not having a clear roadmap of high-impact analytics use cases, co-created with business. 

Jump Start your Analytics
Program by partnering
with us. 

We can help you focus on the key use cases that create a compelling showcase that the whole organization can rally around, fueling an engine of data-driven value creation. 


We are helping Fortune 500 companies win with data!

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