Improving Patient Outcome and Experience

mcSquared brings artificial intelligence to the human experience.

Enhancing the lives of hundreds of millions of individuals and millions of families is the ultimate prize in any healthcare endeavor. Core to our mission is this “Agape”. We want our customers to delight their ultimate benefactors, the patients they serve.

Overcoming adversity and persevering against obstacles is the essence of the human experience. When patients adhere to the labeling of their prescribed therapy and persist in their fight against an invisible combatant, they recapture their essence. But it’s easier said than done!

We help brands educate, motivate, and support their patients through unique insights in patient behavior under different service offerings. We work with data from various sources including data collected from the connected devices to analyze and prognosticate which cohorts of patients may need what type of support to maintain or increase their adherence.

Evidence generation. Our solutions help researchers analyze Real World Data (RWD) to generate real world evidence in support of a brands key messages.

Disease Awareness. We help disease specialists design messages for multi-channel disease awareness campaigns and collect insights.

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