Launch Excellence and Forecasting

It is said that the first 16 weeks in the launch of a brand are the most critical. What you do leading up to and during those critical days in a brand launch, determines how much market share the brand will gain.

We excel at forecasting market performance, for the full lifecycle of a brand, from launch, to growth, to sustaining market share and finally to loss of exclusivity (LoE).  Our algorithms can account for many factors including market size, market growth, market share, seasonality, trend as well as exogenous factors and events like macro and micro economic variables, weather and the effect of a pandemic, such as COVID 19.

For On-Market brands, we can help accurately translate pack units shipped into patient counts and understand leading indicators such as bio-naïve patient growth and constantly keep an updated forecast so brands can monitor performance to plan as well as to other benchmarks.

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