Multichannel Pathway Analytics & Next Best Action

Today’s digital media landscape is crowded with competing messages reaching the same set of stakeholders. It is only natural then, for brand marketers to obsess over their effective share of voice. But what if there was a way to get more bang for the buck. With the increase in remote detailing over digital channels, now more than ever, it is imperative that brands get their messaging strategy right.

mcSquared AI help brands create competitive advantages in this new normal. Our AI helps marketers design key messages and content and create multi-channel messaging strategies that maximize cognitive resonance with target customers. We help brands exploit the full potential of their investments in remote engagement, multi-channel strategy and closed loop marketing.

Built on a continuous learning framework, our AI autonomously navigates through myriad key message sequencing scenarios, to reinforce the most effective market value drivers via the most effective channels. Like a maestro at an orchestra, who knows the exact note on the specific instrument that will fit in the harmony he composed to delight his patrons, our AI can tell your in-field teams and marketers what next best action maximizes sales outcomes.

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