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AI in Pharma Marketing - At the crossroads of revolution

The pharmaceutical and life science industry is at the crossroads of a dual revolution with the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize both drug development and commercial operations. However, for marketing leaders, separating AI hype from reality is an immense challenge. Moving beyond aspirations to tangible adoption requires overcoming several obstacles:

Data Readiness & Governance

Before extracting value from AI models, companies must acquire relevant data sources, clean up internal data silos, and implement robust data governance policies to ensure quality, consistency and compliance.

Navigating the AI Technology Landscape

There's a deluge of AI vendors making sweeping promises. Mapping unique use cases to the right techniques like machine learning, natural language processing or generative AI is extremely difficult.

Talent Transformation

Lack of interdisciplinary talent combining life sciences domain expertise with cutting-edge data science/AI skills impedes adoption. Upskilling on data literacy is critical.

Operationalizing AI Workflows

Reimagining roles and integrating AI into revamped processes like customer segmentation, omnichannel execution and content lifecycle management presents change management hurdles.

To bridge this chasm between ambition and pragmatic AI enablement, pharma companies need a strategic partner adept at both life sciences and technology dimensions.

The Right Use Cases for Max Value

At mcSquared.AI, we first collaborate to identify and prioritize high-value use cases across three categories:

  1. Business Intelligence (BI) Leveraging AI to derive deeper commercial insights via intelligent dashboards, voice-of-customer analysis, automated reporting and intelligent search.

  2. Predictive Intelligence (PI) Machine learning for anticipating trends like demand forecasting, patient journey modeling, next-product recommendations and omnichannel mix optimization.

  3. Generative AI (GenAI) Harnessing large language models for content acceleration, virtual agents, hyper-personalized engagement and intelligent writing assistance.

Mapped to your product lifecycle - from pipeline planning and clinical trials to launch and lifecycle management - these AI use cases translate to immense commercial potential:

  • Accelerating drug discovery and trial recruitment

  • Content production and targeted launch messaging

  • Intelligent omnichannel engagement and salesforce efficacy

  • Therapy area education and regulatory data automation

Building the AI/Data Backbone

To operationalize these use cases into a well-oiled AI-powered engine, we guide you through establishing key foundational capabilities:

  • AI Centers of Excellence for centralized strategy & governance

  • Data readiness through integration, preprocessing and governance

  • Widespread data literacy through upskilling and change enablement

  • New hybrid roles like AI marketing data scientists

  • Redesigned AI-augmented business processes

Self-Serve AI for Democratization

To truly transform into an AI-driven organization, we believe in democratizing these powerful capabilities via self-serve tools tailored for marketers, salespeople and medical teams. Low-code/no-code AI workbenches empower them to easily leverage AI without deep technical skills.

This includes AI marketing co-pilots that semi-automate content creation, suggest omnichannel tactics and provide on-demand predictive insights. Similarly, virtual sales assistants can deliver persona-specific product details, handle objections and suggest next-best actions to reps on the go.

With mcSquared.AI's unique combination of life sciences domain mastery and technical depth, we are the ideal partner to design and execute an end-to-end AI/data strategy that navigates your organization's priorities and complexities. From this solid data-to-AI backbone, we will collaboratively unlock value across the pharmaceutical value chain.

The age of autonomous, AI-driven commercialization has dawned. Those who embrace a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy today will be trailblazers. What future do you envision for your product lifecycle? Let's ideate and realize that together.

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