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Data & Analytics leaders in Fortune 500 companies trust our experts to help them successfully transform their organizations

Cloud native Data Management

Snowflake. Data-bricks. Palantir Foundry. DataIKU. AWS. Azure. Google Cloud.

The list of data management and analytics platforms continues to grow on public cloud infrastructure. But more than which platform to use, enterprises need to ask themselves what problem are they trying to solve. Whether they are just warehousing data from multiple systems or establishing a single source of truth, our data engineers and architects can help you build a robust data foundation.

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Analytics Center of Excellence

We have a proven model for mobilizing resources for rapid data and insight generation. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies to build Analytics Centers of Excellence with soup-to-nuts implementation establishing the right talent and skillsets, and an Agile process for use case implementation in a sustainable, repeatable, and cost-effective manner. We have the ability to transform your organization from a one-at-a-time bureaucratic, project-based mindset to an engine of rapid use case creation and a product-based mindset.

Data Science Acceleration

The value of Data science is in the timeliness of insights and whether they lead to decisive action. We have seen customers celebrate with glee when they see tangible impact on business outcomes resulting from our work. Our Data Science acceleration services can cut down the time from data to outcomes potentially in half because we focus on what matters most. Using descriptive or predictive analytics, we get underneath the KPIs you want to track to discover the factors that affect each KPI, so you get the true picture of performance and improve it. 

Data Quality, Governance & Stewardship

Your insights are only as good as the quality of the data you ingest. Establishing a robust data governance framework, with real-time health checks, data quality monitors is an essential component of Data Governance. Our data stewards have helped Fortune 500 organizations implement sustainable best practices, in establishing data procurement & ingest protocols, complex multi-functional data & application access standardization, GDPR compliance, and platform governance.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Make our talent, your talent. We operate as a fully embedded, integral part of your team, well versed in your technology platforms. We can help you build a Job Family led by your business experts, our business translators, and members of our technical staff, for whom your success is their north star.

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