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Use Cases for every business

We specialize in Palantir Foundry use case implementations, Marketing & Commercial Analytics solutions, & customized LLMs powering intelligent agents

Palantir Foundry Experts

We are a development partner of Palantir Technologies. We specialize in having an expert talent pool of specially trained data engineers, data analysts, data scientists in Palantir Foundry. We have built dozens of use cases, business ontology, and business intelligence (reports and dashboards) that are powered by data in Foundry, Palantir's industry leading data management platform.

Marketing & Commercial Analytics Solutions

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Solutions with Proven Expertise

With our rich experience in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors, we've crafted bespoke solutions tailored to meet specific industry demands. Our specialties include:

Financial Forecasting Solutions for Pharma:
    Purpose: Financial leaders in pharmaceutical organizations frequently require precise forecasts for varying timeframes within each brand and market archetype.
        Long Range Plans (LRP): Ideal for mapping the long-term trajectory of a brand.
        Medium-Term Forecasts: For strategic decision-making based on epidemiology data.
        Monthly Forecasts: Short-term (12-18 month) targets tailor-made for commercial operations used to set goals and targets during commercial execution and cycle planning
    Our Specialty: Our expertise lies in creating multi-horizon predictive models. These models not only account for seasonal fluctuations but also minimize forecasting errors, providing business managers with a platform to introduce custom assumptions and adjustments.


Next Best Action (NBA) for Multichannel Sales:
    Purpose: Commercial directors in Pharma seek optimal execution strategies for their sales teams each quarter.
        Share of Voice Analysis
        Sales Force Effectiveness
        Sales Team Optimization & Reallocation Strategies
        Holistic Customer Journey Analysis across numerous touch points and channels.
    Data Expertise: We are proficient in collating and analyzing data from platforms like Veeva, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, On24, and Google Analytics, as well as demand or scripts data from IQVIA and GERS.
    State of Art Analytics: Our recommendation models for Next Best Action are built on heuristic and rules-based optimization, combined with insights into HCP and Sales Rep behavior. This ensures an approach rooted in past learnings, what has proven effective, and what hasn't. Our methods integrate traditional AI/ML techniques such as RF and XG Boost, alongside cutting-edge Gen AI methodologies to continually enhance the precision of our predictions.


Clinical Trial Intelligence & Operational Efficiency: 
    Purpose: Improve clinical trial processes and patient identification.
        Clinical Trial Site Identification & Mapping based on potential for patient recruitment, principal investigator fit, competition, and more.
        Patient Identification for Trials using data on disease progression, previous treatments, outcomes, and eCog scores.
    Data Expertise: Our solutions integrate Citeline data sources, Real World Data like EHR and Claims, as well as CTMS or CRO data.

Customized LLMs and Gen AI driven Agents

We have been building customized LLM Agents and developoing Gen AI powered assistants to improve operations in various industries. Chaining together an intricate workflow and responses, lookups, API calls and history, we demonstrated how to take a industry leading technology like Gen AI and build practical, commercial solutions from it.

Some examples of our solutions in Gen AI:

  • AI powered Pet Healthcare Assistant for Pet Owners

  • AI powered Pharma Market Research assistant for Small-molecule Launch: Learns and Summarizes Scientific Publications in a specific therapeutic area (e.g. Hematology, Blood Cancers) and cuts down time for Market Researchers tasked to generate Disease Awareness and Health Technology reports during the FDA approval process. 

  • AI powered Social Influencer Identification, Ranking and Influencer Graph

Grow decisively.

The ultimate goal of every business manager is to have an accurate pulse of current business conditions and make informed decisions based on accurate expectations of the future, to ensure profitable growth.


We help you grow decisively.

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