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Use Cases for every business

We implement analytics use cases on cloud-based platforms like AWS, MS Azure, Snowflake & Palantir Foundry.

Every finance manager and CFO craves reliable metrics and KPIs with which to get a true picture of performance. You've invested in digital transformation, now it's time to harvest the data. We transform your enterprise data into accurate insightful KPIs and accurate forecasts. We build and simulate multiple scenarios, giving decision-makers more useful tools to be prepared and adapt to changing conditions. 


Operational Excellence

A bank trying to make better lending decisions, a hospital network trying to address an acute labor shortage & reduce patient wait times, a breakthrough therapeutic trying to identify the ideal key opinion leader who can support its science, an insurance co. looking to reduce portfolio risk. These are just some of the operational analytics use cases we have experience with. We combine internal and external data to give you that operational edge, to tackle your biggest challenges while dodging upcoming ones.

Commercial Analytics

Extract a higher return on every incremental dollar spent on sales. Track how Back to Field sales teams are performing in the face of access restrictions due to the pandemic. Identify the levers of in-field team performance. Our solutions help you get a higher ROI by designing the right size and structure of sales teams, defining incentives that maximize the long-term growth of your brands, streamlining key message delivery, optimizing message sequencing, and recommending Next Best Actions (NBA) for in-field team members. 

Marketing & Customer Experience Analytics

More than 80% of enterprises have permanently augmented their primary commercial channels with digital marketing channels. Customers are also valuing more control over their contact preferences. This means Marketing is increasingly customer-driven, with Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Contacts occurring over multiple digital channels like email, web portal, peer-to-peer networks, and virtual/ video. Our solutions use data on customer preferences, customer segmentation, customer experience flows, customer adoption ladder, customer retention, and analytics to help you intervene and maximize customer lifetime value.

Grow decisively.

The ultimate goal of every business manager is to have an accurate pulse of current business conditions and make informed decisions based on accurate expectations of the future, to ensure profitable growth.


We help you grow decisively.

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